Outdoor Fireplace Ideas on a Budget

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas on a Budget

Creating an outdoor fireplace may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re on a budget. But with some creativity and handy DIY tricks, you can transform your backyard into a tranquil haven with the perfect vibe for summer nights lounging around a lavish fire under the stars. Whether you’re looking to add a stylish cantilever that utilizes natural stone or create a unique design using brick or blocks, here are our favorite outdoor fireplace ideas on a budget. Read on to find out how to bring out your inner designer and create the ultimate atmosphere in your backyard without breaking the bank!

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas on a Budget

Modfire in LA

It is a great option for creating an outdoor fireplace on a budget. This company specializes in designing and building custom fireplaces, but they also offer pre-made models that are easy to install. The materials used are lightweight, durable and rust-resistant, so you can feel safe knowing your outdoor fireplace will last for years to come. Plus, their products are available in several unique styles and colors to suit any aesthetic or design preference.

Chiminea for a Craftsman

If you’re looking for a classic, rustic outdoor fireplace that won’t break the bank, consider investing in a chiminea. With its tapered stack and wide opening at the front, this type of outdoor fireplace is perfect for providing ample warmth while still allowing plenty of room around it to entertain guests. Plus, a chiminea has an earthenware feel that gives it a classic Craftsman-style vibe. For a truly cozy evening, fill the fireplace with logs and let them burn low and slow for hours on end. Just be sure to keep an eye on the logs as they can easily roll out of the wide opening at the front if not carefully monitored! [1]

Carmel Stone Fire Pit

When it comes to outdoor fireplaces on a budget, nothing is as classic and timeless as a carmel stone fire pit. All you need for this simple yet elegant style of fireplace is some fieldstones and a few pieces of natural wood. Place the stones in an arc or circle around your designated area, then stack the logs inside to create a cozy atmosphere. Not only are these fire pits easy to construct but they also provide enough room for large groups or families to congregate around them and enjoy the warmth of the flames. Plus, their natural stone look adds an extra element of rustic charm that can’t be beat!

Carmel Stone Fire Pit

Land Plus Fire Table

For a more modern take on an outdoor fireplace, consider investing in a land plus fire table. This type of table comes with a gas-powered fire pit built into the middle that can provide warmth and light for hours on end. Plus, most models come equipped with extra surfaces around the base to provide additional seating space for your guests. All you need to do is set it up outside and add a few pillows for lounging – then you’re ready to go! And since these tables are typically made from stone or wood, they’ll fit right in with any style of home décor.

Ontario Getaway Fireplace

If you’re looking to create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere outdoors, consider investing in an Ontario getaway fireplace. This is a type of outdoor fireplace that typically includes a raised stone platform and a wide opening at the front for feeding logs into the fire. Plus, it can be made with either brick or fieldstone depending on your preferences. The natural materials used to construct this type of fireplace will give your outdoor space an inviting cottage feel, perfect for cozy nights under the stars!

Hanging Lanterns

For a truly unique look to your outdoor fireplace area, consider adding some hanging lanterns. These types of lights come in all shapes and sizes and can be hung from trees or porch eaves to create instant ambiance. Plus, if you’re looking to stay on budget, consider purchasing pre-made hanging lanterns from a home décor store or repurposing old mason jars with candles inside for a rustic vibe. Either way, the soft glow of these light fixtures will create an enchanting atmosphere that your guests won’t soon forget! [2]

Old World Patio Fireplace

For a truly unique outdoor fireplace, consider investing in an old world patio fireplace. This type of fireplace is typically made from cast iron and can provide plenty of warmth for your outdoor gathering space. Plus, the intricate details and designs on these fireplaces make them look like antique treasures that will give your backyard an instant dose of charm. Just be sure to use non-flammable materials around the base such as bricks or stones to ensure safety!

Fireplace With Private Hot Tub

For a truly luxurious outdoor fireplace experience, consider combining it with a private hot tub. This type of setup is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind after a long day or create an extra special evening with someone special. A simple above-ground hot tub can be purchased relatively inexpensively and combined with your outdoor fireplace for the ultimate in cozy comfort.

Fireplace With Private Hot Tub

Waterfront Living Room Fireplace

This type of outdoor fireplace is typically made from natural stone and has an open-face design that creates a breathtaking view of the water. Plus, since this style of fireplace is often larger than standard fire pits or tables, it can also provide extra seating for your guests as well! [3]

Mediterranean Patio Fireplace

If you love the idea of an outdoor fireplace, but don’t want to break the bank, a Mediterranean patio fireplace is the perfect solution. This type of fireplace is relatively easy to build and can be used in almost any outdoor space. All you need are some basic materials such as firebricks, mortar, gravel, and sand. While it may take a bit of effort to construct this type of fireplace, it will be well worth it when you’re able to enjoy its cozy warmth throughout the year! Plus, since it’s built on a budget, you won’t have to worry about burning through your hard-earned money. To finish off this awesome look, consider adding chairs and tables around the fireplace for a comfortable gathering spot. You can also add string lights, wind chimes, and other decorative touches to bring your outdoor space together.

Historical D.C. Fire Pit

If you want your outdoor fireplace to have an old-world feel, a historical D.C. fire pit may be the perfect option for you. This type of fire pit has been around since Washington D.C.’s earliest days and features intricate bricks arranged in a circle or square pattern. Add wood logs, branches, and other combustibles inside the fire pit to create the perfect atmosphere for roasting marshmallows or telling stories late into the night!

Lodge Look Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a more rustic feel, consider a lodge look fire pit. This type of fire pit is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to bring a bit of the wilderness into their backyard. You can find affordable kits that include everything you need to build your own fire pit or you could opt to design it yourself with bricks, stones, and other materials. Once complete, this type of fire pit will make your outdoor space look like an actual woodland lodge! [4]

Private Patio

tIf you’re looking for a great way to add a bit of privacy to your outdoor space, consider installing a private patio fire pit. This type of fire pit is set into the ground and surrounded by curved walls or half-walls that make it look like its own little oasis. You can use this cozy spot to congregate with family and friends, roast marshmallows, or just curl up with a book. To keep things warm and welcoming, complete the look with some comfortable seating and lots of twinkle lights!

Private Patio

Beach View Fire Pit

If you’re lucky enough to have a view of the beach from your backyard, then consider a beach view fire pit. This type of fire pit is perfect for those who love being close to the water and want to enjoy some time in their own private paradise. Choose materials that match the look and feel of your outdoor space, such as driftwood logs or seashells, and add comfortable seating so that you can take it all in.

Grapevine Arbor and Fireplace

For a truly unique outdoor fireplace, consider combining a grapevine arbor with a fire pit. This type of setup is perfect for those who want something that’s both decorative and functional. The arbor will provide shade and privacy while the fire pit provides warmth and atmosphere. Choose materials such as bricks, stones, wood logs, or driftwood to complete the look. Once finished, you’ll have your own private spot for entertaining family and friends! [5]

Old Brick Chiminea

For a classic look, you can’t beat an old brick chiminea. This type of outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who want something that looks like it has been around forever. You can find some great vintage bricks at your local antique shop or online to complete the look. Just be sure to use mortar and sand to create the structure, and you’ll have an amazing looking fire pit in no time!

Regardless of what type of outdoor fireplace you decide on, there are plenty of ways to stay within your budget while creating the perfect atmosphere for entertaining family and friends or just enjoying your own personal retreat. With a bit of creativity and effort, you’ll have a beautiful set up that will provide warmth, ambiance, and memories for years to come!

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces offer a unique way to bring warmth and ambiance to any outdoor space. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, but they can also provide several practical benefits. Here are some of the benefits that outdoor fireplaces can offer:

  • Cost Savings: Investing in an outdoor fireplace will save you money on heating bills during cold weather months. The heat generated by the fireplace is enough to keep your patio area cozy, so you don’t have to resort to cranking up your thermostat or running additional heaters.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: An outdoor fireplace adds instant charm and beauty to any yard or patio setting. Whether you choose a simple stone structure or a more elaborate design with intricate tilework, an outdoor fireplace can be a great way to show off your style.
  • Entertaining: Outdoor fireplaces are perfect for entertaining friends and family. A warm gathering place is the perfect spot to relax after a long day or spend some quality time with loved ones. You can also use your outdoor fireplace as a focal point for roasting s’mores or having an al fresco dinner in the summertime.
  • Safety: The heat generated by an outdoor fireplace is enough to keep insects away from your patio area, making it safer and more comfortable for your guests. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about sparks flying onto nearby grass or trees since most outdoor fireplaces feature built-in grates and spark guards.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space while providing practical benefits for you and your family. With so many budget-friendly options available, there’s no reason why an outdoor fireplace can’t be part of your home design plan. [6]

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

Cons of Outdoor Fireplaces

Although there are plenty of budget-friendly outdoor fireplace ideas, they do come with some drawbacks. These include:

  • Aesthetics – Prefabricated fireplaces may not mesh well with your backyard or patio’s overall look and feel. This issue can be avoided by opting for a DIY project, though you’ll need to thoroughly consider the design beforehand in order to avoid any costly missteps.
  • Maintenance – The more complex the design, the greater amount of maintenance it will require to keep it running safely and effectively. Plus, since most budget fireplaces are made from cheaper materials, they may not hold up as well over time as pricier options.
  • Safety – Cheaply made fireplaces may not be as safe as their more expensive counterparts. This is especially true if you opt for a DIY design, since it will be up to you to make sure that all parts are properly installed and functioning correctly.
  • Cost – While there are plenty of ways to cut costs on outdoor fireplaces, they still require an investment of both time and money. Make sure you’re prepared for the expense before getting too far into your project.

Nonetheless, with some research and planning, environmental friendliness can be achieved without compromising safety or having to break the bank. With so many affordable outdoor fireplace ideas available online, it’s easy to find one that fits both your budget and your aesthetic sensibilities!


How do you build a simple outdoor fireplace?

Building an outdoor fireplace is a relatively simple process. Start by deciding where you would like the fireplace to be located and then dig a hole in that area that is roughly two feet deep, two feet wide and two feet long. Next, create a concrete base with fireproof mortar inside the hole. From there, use brick or stone to build up the walls of your outdoor fireplace over top of the concrete base. Finally, add a chimney or flue pipe so smoke can escape safely away from your seating area. Once all these steps are complete, your outdoor fireplace is ready for use!

How do you build a simple outdoor fireplace?

What are some inexpensive ideas for an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there! Consider using materials like brick, stone, concrete blocks or even scrap lumber for the base and walls. If you’re feeling creative, use recycled items like old fire bricks or clay pots for a unique look. You can also save money by skipping the chimney pipe and instead opting for an open flame. Lastly, keep your outdoor fireplace simple and skip the frills such as decorative features or seating areas – these are luxuries that can be added later if desired.

Are there any safety considerations when building an outdoor fireplace?

Yes, absolutely! The most important thing to remember is to always build your outdoor fireplace away from any combustible objects and buildings. It is also important to line the bottom of the fireplace with fireproof mortar so that any embers that escape don’t cause a fire hazard. Lastly, make sure you provide adequate ventilation for your outdoor fireplace by using a chimney pipe or flue so smoke can escape safely away from your seating area. Following these safety tips will ensure your outdoor fireplace is safe and ready to use!

What is the average cost of an outdoor fireplace?

The average cost of an outdoor fireplace depends on a variety of factors such as the size, materials used and any additional features. A basic outdoor fireplace made with brick or stone can range from $500 – $700, while a more elaborate version with decorative features can cost up to $2,000. However, if you’re willing to take the time to do it yourself, you can save money by using budget-friendly items like old fire bricks or scrap lumber.

What are some tips for maintaining an outdoor fireplace?

Maintaining your outdoor fireplace is important to ensure it is safe and functional for years to come. First, make sure you regularly check the mortar joints for any signs of cracking or deterioration that could lead to a fire hazard. Additionally, be sure to inspect the chimney pipe or flue regularly for any obstructions or blockages that could keep smoke from escaping properly. Lastly, keep your outdoor fireplace clean by brushing off ash and soot before each use.

Useful Video: DIY Outdoor Fireplace Build – Time Lapse – Roman Stone


Having a beautiful outdoor fireplace can be an affordable and attractive addition to any backyard. With the help of these ideas, anyone can create their dream outdoor fireplace on a budget that won’t break the bank or quickly eat up all of your savings. Whether you decide to go for a DIY project or purchase pre-made components, there are many options out there that will give you the look you want for less money than expected. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your new outdoor fireplace! It is sure to become a beloved part of your home and will make spending time in nature even more enjoyable.

Happy building!


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